Who are we?

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ionHealthcare® is a healthcare consulting firm managed by leadership with real healthcare experience. In fact, this leadership team has successfully executed over ONE MILLION medical record reviews for Risk Adjustment over the last 4 years for a variety of clients, with a 95-98% accuracy rate! Bedside clinical care experiences, electronic medical systems, years of management and operations experience, and having vast knowledge in the business of healthcare has enabled us to offer the best in services. We have an enormous talent pool of qualified healthcare professionals in many areas to include management, education, IT, analytics, and medical coding. Our medical coders are always highly trained, nationally certified through AAPC or AHIMA and regularly tested for quality. (Note that all work is always performed in the U.S.)


To provide reliable and timely consulting services that support the positive health outcomes of patients.


To become recognized nationally as a leader in healthcare consulting.


We believe in honesty and integrity in all things, but especially in healthcare matters. We believe in the strength of diversity and doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Our Name:

Our name, “ionHealthcare” has a nice play on words as we desire to help everyone from patients to providers keep an “eye on” healthcare, but the word “ion” is also appropriate as we are on the “go”. We are moving in many directions, just as the ion particle. From Wikipedia: The word ion is the transliteration of the Greek participle ἰόν (meaning “going”), and was first used by physicist Michael Faraday for the substances that move (“go”) under a current between electrodes in a solution when an electric field is applied. Three key areas govern those many directions: Education, Network, and Solutions. Our goal is to grow our organization to meet needs with two main audiences in mind:

  • Patients [including their families, & caregivers] and
  • Healthcare professionals [including health plans, hospitals, administrators, managers, medical coders, physicians & other providers]

The ionHealthcare® Difference